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Giving Thanks For The Work We've Done So Far

 "I will like to give a big thanks to the HMF foundation for the support to myself and family during the pandemic. I was unemployed at the time and reached out to the HMF Foundation for support of food items to feed my family and within days I was able to get a bag with items. I will forever be grateful."

"Thank you HMF"

"Thank you so much for providing me and my dad with groceries, it has been very helpful. Blessings."

I have been reaching out to so many companies in Grenada to help me in my current situation, I am unable to work and the HMF Foundation is the first company to truly assist me.

 "I meet a Mr. Killa on an HMF food drive and spoke to him in regards to an elderly man in my community, and the same evening he came back and help the gentle man. And I will like to say thank you for your kindness. And continue the good work and continue supporting the people of Grenada."

 "My Mother was placed in the home for the elderly in Gouyave St john and the HMF Foundation donated items to the home. Grateful is an understatement."

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